Core Process Serving


Entering a New Job

Details the steps to enter a new job.

Taking Out Job

Entry of service details

Using Phone App

Overview of using the phone web application.

Client Portal

The client portal is where your clients can enter jobs directly for you to serve. Also allows for viewing past jobs and affidavits and lets you see which invoices are unpaid.

Scanning Documents

Shows you how to scan documents into the system with or without bar codes. This gives you the ability to share the documents with your servers and client either by email or via the client portal.

Process Server Field Work

Overview of process server tasks.

Taking Out Job Using Cut and Paste

Allows for quick entry of service details where a single person is served for multiple lawsuits.

Understanding Affidavits

Summarizes the different types of affidavits available in Process Organizer.

Pre-Job Approval

Covers the steps to accept and activate a job that your clients entered via the client portal.