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Even with a marvelously easy-to-use software application, it’s good to know Process Organizer delivers a solid learning experience with dozens of online training videos you can access anytime at no additional cost.

Whether you’ve got questions on the application’s core functionality, reporting, accounting features, or setup and maintenance, we’ve got you covered on demand.

We’re confident our video library will take care of your questions and issues, but if you’re still having trouble finding a solution, give us a call at 877.347.9098 to talk with a professional process server with years of experience running large and small process serving agencies with this software.

Core Process Serving Videos


Entering a New Job

Details the steps to enter a new job.

Taking Out Job

Entry of service details

Using Phone App

Overview of using the phone web application.

Client Portal

The client portal is where your clients can enter jobs directly for you to serve. Also allows for viewing past jobs and affidavits and lets you see which invoices are unpaid.

Scanning Documents

Shows you how to scan documents into the system with or without bar codes. This gives you the ability to share the documents with your servers and client either by email or via the client portal.

Process Server Field Work

Overview of process server tasks.

Taking Out Job Using Cut and Paste

Allows for quick entry of service details where a single person is served for multiple lawsuits.

Understanding Affidavits

Summarizes the different types of affidavits available in Process Organizer.

Pre-Job Approval

Covers the steps to accept and activate a job that your clients entered via the client portal.

Accounting Videos


Accounting Menu


Unpaid Invoice Report

Shows all jobs that a server has completed but has not yet been paid. Lets you look at unpaid invoices by a client to review what is outstanding.

Cash Analysis Report

Lets you see what payments have been made by client and allows for organizing by general, detail, summary.

Finding Client Payment


Pay Process Server


Understanding Invoices

Short Form Invoice, Long Form Invoices, and Specialty Invoices (Can be used for non-process-server jobs like investigations.)

Past Due and Current Invoice Client Report

Shows all unpaid invoices in a statement format. Allows for filtering by aging. Allows for distribution by email or regular mail.

Apply Payment

Allows for applying payment from a client.

Unpaid Server Report


Find Server Payment

Look up information about how a server has been paid.

Status / Management Reporting Videos


Process Server Field Report

A listing of all of the jobs that exist for a server, a client, or the entire company and organizes them by the jobs that need to be completed earliest. Also shows the attempts that have been made and if the job has been served but not yet invoiced.

Activity Report

Shows you what attempts a process server has made for a given time period. Includes attempts and GPS informaiton. Allows you to review the performance of your server and ensure performance.

ID Reports

Gives you the ability to place your logo, a picture, and brief description and allows you to make a custom ID report for your employees. Also can act as an employee roster when run as a report.

Export Data


Unsigned Report

The unsigned report shows what jobs the server has completed but has not yet signed the affidavit and scanned into the system.

Analysis Report

The analysis report shows you what jobs have been served by client, process server, or all clients for a given time period. You can even specify which courts.

NCOA Report

The NCOA report filters your non-serve jobs for a given time period so that they can be sent to National Change of Address to check if there is a change of address on file.

Setup / Maintenance Videos


Company Setup


Process Server Maintenance


Role Maintenance


Court Maintenance


Process Type Maintenance


Scanner Document Property Maintenance


State Maintenance


Client Maintenance


Process Server Mapping Maintenance


Charge Maintenance


Look up Maintenance


Work Order Attributes


Payment Type Maintenance