What are the technical requirements of the application?
Process Organizer is hosted in the cloud by Microsoft Azure.  This saves you money up front because you do not need to buy expensive hardware or database software.  And it saves you money in the long-term because professional hosting means less down time.


What do I need for my office?
The main application is Windows-based so you will need at least one computer running a version of Windows and a reliable Internet connection.  You will also need a printer to print affidavits and most likely will want a scanner so that you can scan documents such as affidavits.


What version of Windows can I use?
Process Organizer recommends either Windows 7 or Windows 8.  Our software is also fully compatible with Windows XP.


What do process servers need in the field?
Process servers can use just about any recent smart phone, tablet, or laptop that can connect to the Internet.  We have native apps for IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iTouch) and Android (phones and tablets) devices.

For all other devices we offer an HTML 5 compliant web application that has been tested on IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


What do my clients need?
Your clients can access the web portal to submit new work, check status, and download completed affidavits from just about any Internet-connected device that has a web browser.  The client portal has been tested with the following browsers: IE7 and above, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.