Process Server Software Features for Servers, Order Processing, Workflow, Billing, Customer Relations.

We’ve Got It All Down to a System.

Smarter management of your process serving business doesn’t happen by accident. Process serving is a time consuming that requires constant attention to all of the details.

Process Organizer simplifies the major tasks associated with process serving while providing greater business intelligence on what’s happening in the field. With Process Organizer, you’re ready to take on more processes, work with more servers, keep all your clients updated and aware — and best of all, add more revenue.

Take a closer look at Process Organizer’s features, including:
Office Management
Monitor and keep track of all your serves from 1 spot

  • Online status updates for each client
  • Online status updates for each process managers
  • Bar-coded documents allow for scanning to associate with work orders
  • Automated affidavits
  • Field reports displaying all information associated with each attempt
  • Automatic invoicing and payment processing
  • Automated job assignments to process server
  • Automated activity reports with option for displaying attempts and geocodes
  • Invoicing individually or by group
  • Scanned documents with signatures and stamps available for viewing
  • Automated emails with real time updates for your clients


Work Order Input and Tracking
Streamline all your order processing workflows

  • Downloadable field packs with documents, work orders, and other attachments
  • Automated input available
  • Work order tracking
  • Extensive details on client and process server
  • Comprehensive information on the person(s) to be served
  • Geocode tracking, including longitude/latitude coordinates and date stamping


Accounting Features and Reports
Get paid faster and with fewer questions from your clients

  • Send and post invoices
  • Apply payments from clients
  • Process payments to servers
  • Produce accounting reports that include history and cash reports